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Role: Art Director
Location: Remote
Brief: Elevate the existing web design


Founded in 2007, JAVAD GNSS deploys multi-constellation, multi-frequency GNSS technology for demanding industrial applications. Based in San Jose, California, they own their own manufacturing facility. Products made in USA and shipped directly from the factory in California.

JAVAD GNSS is a custom UX/UI rebuild with in-house Copywriting. Conceptualized within XD and executed into a live WordPress environment.

Take a look at their website to view the intricate details designed out to meet this companies branding and that will propel them forward for years to come.

The Challenge

The client approached us with a website that needed some heavy organization of content, user experience, and cohesive branding across each individual page. Their previous website design needed a lot of TLC and it was a lot of fun giving the new one just that.

The Solution

After various iterations this beautiful sleek design was crafted. The goal was to clean up organize and create a better experience for the user’s navigating the website through the design. The functionality of the site went from a confusion to sleek and efficient.

Designed With A System

Defining all the basic elements in advance helped to design fast and consistency throughout the project. Taking the clients current branding and elevating it for years to come. Here we are also being one step ahead when styles need to be adjusted in future.

Implementing Branding + Copywriting

JAVAD GNNS’ updated branding consists of modern and simplistic colors, shapes, illustrated icons, typography and visuals redefined and implemented into every page. Here in these conceptual XD designs this shows we did not only give the site a unique touch but also amplified the new copywriting.Below you will see their UX design files of the intricate designs before they came to life.

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