Branding + UX/UI + Web Development

IsoKlean® Carolinas

Role: Art Director
Location: Remote
Brief: Brand and build a user experience website

IsoKlean® Carolinas is a one-step cleaning and disinfecting system. A simple solution to a complex problem. The company first approached wanting only a landing page living off of the companies A2 server. Once the landing page was completed, the client loved the design so much, resulting in creating and migrating the WordPress files to a new environment. The client, since then, has requested I continue building out the landing page into an 8+ page website as well as creation flyers, business cards, rollup banners, email campaigns, postcards, banners, posters, postcards, tent cards, etc.

IsoKlean® Carolinas is a branch off of IsoKlean®. Work Sans Regular and Bold is the only font and two font weights used throughout their designs from print to digital. I also used IsoKlean® green from their logo as an accent.

Product Brochure

Product brochure inside pages with Copywriting

Golf Event Campaign Featuring First Tee

Magazine Ad, Email Campaign, Post Card and Landing Page.

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